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Custom T-Shirts in Alberta at Very Affordable Prices

iLogo provides printing and embroidery on Custom T-Shirts across Alberta at very affordable prices with top notch quality. With 10 million custom t-shirts, 7 years, 99% satisfied customers, iLogo, is the best option for Customized T-Shirts and custom team t-shirts in Alberta. We deliver to all Alberta suburbs. iLogo has the largest range of personalized T-Shirts, custom polo shirts, custom collared t-shirts, custom Hoodies, custom dry fit t-shirts, custom kids t-shirts and custom baby onesies.

At iLogo, we are not just about T-Shirts. We understand your bonding with your team and your need to stand out as a group. iLogo is the only T-Shirt printing company you need to meet all your custom t-shirt requirements in Alberta. Customized T-Shirts can be fun for your employees to wear and can make them great ambassadors for your company. We take your designs and turn them into customized t-shirts for your teams, school, company, and clubs. At iLogo, you can design your own custom t-shirts by using your own original artwork in our design studio, or by using our thousands of images in the library. You're sure to get exactly what you want with our money-back guarantee. Design a religious, event, or team personalized t-shirt in just minutes. Your order will arrive in 14 days, guaranteed! Every order is reviewed by an expert artist, ensuring your custom designed t-shirts are exactly the way you envision them! You can get t-shirts for your team with individual names and numbers as well.

At iLogo, we have over 1,50,000 T-Shirt designs which can be customized to meet your specific design requirements. iLogo has some of the best t-shirt designs for every kind of t-shirt design idea. The designs are listed as per category based on the t-shirt design idea. You can also just search for the idea and you will find various t-shirt designs listed based on the design idea. iLogo has over 12 years of being a international T-Shirt Manufacturer of quality Custom T-Shirts and other apparel.

In case your design has gradients or you need just one personalized hoodie in Alberta, we can also provide you the same with the latest Direct to Film(DTF) printing technique.

iLogo, in the past few years has addded many innovative services to it's repertoire:

  • Tailormade Custom T-Shirts

    You can now tailormake each part of the T-Shirt by choosing the colour, fabric or cut to match with your company colours all for a minimum of just 25. We have over 10,000 Tailormade Custom T-Shirt Design Templates to choose from!

  • Reunion T-Shirts

    Organizing Reunion T-Shirts in always a challenge to organize. We need someone to organize, design and handle modifications for T-shirts for each individual member. On top of that, someone is needed to coordinate individual sizes, collect cash and tally it and also find a reliable manufacturer who would give them quality. Also, all of these multicoloured custom T-shirts needed to be delivered individually to Alumni in India and sometimes abroad.

  • Work From Home Company T-Shirts

    Remote Working: The COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant changes in the way offices operate and how employees work. With the advent of better technology, more companies are allowing employees to work from home. Many companies are implementing hybrid work models that allow employees to split their time between working from home and in the office. Companies are investing in technology to enable remote work and collaboration, such as video conferencing and project management tools. These changes have resulted in a shift towards remote work.

    iLogo has a complete solution to enable the production and dispatch of all company merchandise to each employee individually. iLogo also allows dispatch of onboarding merchandise to new recruits individually. This enables companies to great team builing and bonding for existing and new employees. All tracking and delivery of the merchandise can tracked and accounted for at both ends

Types of T-Shirt printing done by iLogo in Alberta:

We are passionate about providing the best type of print suitable for your unique design. We've been perfecting printing for 7 years now and have millions of satisfied customers. That's why we use multiple printing techniques and choose the best technique that suits your unique design. We deliver the following types of printing to Alberta

  • Screen Printing - The Gold Standard of T-Shirt Printing

    Screen printing is still the best t-shirt printing technique available to print high quality custom t-shirts. Over 80% of our orders are printed through this classic printing method and you know that we have become very precise with this.

    For every design, our printers create a stencil(screen) and use this to apply dyes to the t-shirt. Each colour is applied using a different screen, one colour at a time, until they all come together to create your design. As screen printing requires additional preparation like making screens, we have a minimum requirement of 6 per design, but, they are by far the best choice for long lasting prints, dark colours and bright prints.

    Speciality screen printing, including, Gold and Silver Foil printing, metallic printing, Glow in the Dark printing, Neon printing, Reflective printing and Glitter printing on t-shirts are also provided by us. Speciality printing would entail a special pricing and minimum order. Please do contact us if you require speciality prints in your order.

  • Direct to Film Printing(DTF) - For Detailed Printing

    For designs with high levels of details, including photographs, there is no better way to go than Direct to Film printing. This method takes your design from your image and prints it directly onto the t-shirt. As DTF printing does not require any set up like screen making, there is no minimum quantity required to be ordered. Please look for the 'No-minimum' section in our website to choose DTG printing. This is suitable for one off prints for occassions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. The inks used are the same as screen and allows for detailed designs to be printed at an affordable cost.

  • Embroidery - Old School Classic

    Looking for the old school look and feel? No problem. Our embroidery services will decorate your product with multi colour thread to give your clothing that old school feel. Embroidery is perfect for corporate polo shirts, custom hoodies and corporate shirts for companies, teams and groups

  • Sublimation Printing - Bring your Performance Wear to Life

    For performance wear, which are made of man-made fabrics, sublimation printing can be used to get prints of high levels of details, including photographs, without creating extra layers on the fabric. This can, however, only be done on white or light garments. Sublimation printing is best suitable for your running group t-shirts, football team t-shirts, gym t-shirts and other sports t-shirts.

Frequently Asked Questions

We think that most customers want to see what their design will look like on their t-shirts before their custom t-shirts gets printed, so we are happy to provide picture proofs to review for every order over 6 pieces or more.

Once you place your order, Our artists will review your design thoroughly at iLogo to ensure a quality print.

Once we have completed our strict review process, we'll email or message you a picture proof showing the detailed design as we plan to print it.

If you notice anything in your picture proof that you’d like to change or adjust, you can revert us with an email of the changes you want.

If your order is on a rush or super rush schedule or you’d like to speak about your order in person, we are available to answer questions and help you with your design to be finalised.

At iLogo you can get custom printed T-shirts at very affordable prices in Alberta. At iLogo, we have a wide range of custom printed T-shirts. You can either design the t-shirt online or send us your design through email or whatsapp. At iLogo, you can print your own original artwork in our design studio, or choose from our thousands of images in the library. You will receive the the design exactly as you want. You also have the option to choose from over 1,50,000 T-Shirt Designs and personalize to meet your specific requirement. iLogo also provides Tailormade T-Shirts and other apparel customized to your brand colours. We can create any style of apparel you require. Our designers will provide you with free design options that would be most suitable for your needs.

iLogo provides quality custom printed and embroidered polo t-shirts for you in Alberta at very affordable prices. At iLogo, you can customised polo t-shirts with your own logo and design. iLogo offers affordable, high quality Custom Polo Shirts with screen printing or embroidery. Your entire group can be kitted up with their own personalized embroidered and printed polo shirts. We offer quantity based pricing, which depends on the quantity of polo shirts and design. You can order even one polo t-shirt with your design printed. At iLogo, you can also get your Collared T-Shirt Tailormade to meet your brand requirements by customizing the pattern, colour and part of the Polo Shirt

iLogo is one of top Custom Caps companies in Alberta because it produces high-quality customized caps for individuals, organizations, or businesses. Here are some factors that make iLogo a top custom cap manufacturer in Alberta:

Quality: iLogo produces high-quality custom caps that are made from durable materials, and they have excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Customization options: iLogo provides a wide range of customization options, such as different cap styles, colors, fabrics, embroidery, screen printing, or other decoration techniques, and allows customers to design their custom caps easily and quickly. Production capacity: iLogo has the ability to produce a large number of custom caps quickly and efficiently, which allows them to meet the demands of their customers.
  • Customer service: iLogo has excellent customer service and communication throughout the production process, from the initial design stage to the final delivery, and can provide guidance and support to customers to ensure their satisfaction.
  • Pricing: iLogo offers competitive pricing for their custom caps, which is transparent, fair, and consistent. They also offer clear and detailed quotes that include all the customization options and production costs.
  • Sustainability: iLogo prioritizes sustainable and ethical practices throughout their supply chain, including sourcing materials and labor practices.

Overall, iLogo is a company that produces high-quality, customizable, and sustainable caps, provides excellent customer service and communication, and offers competitive and transparent pricing.