Class Reunion

Why choose a Reunion Campaign?

When it comes to Reunion celebrations, we're the ones you need to ask. Organizing Reunion T-Shirts in always a challenge to organize. We need someone to organize, design and handle modifications for T-shirts for each individual member. On top of that, someone is needed to coordinate individual sizes, collect cash and tally it and also find a reliable manufacturer who would give them quality. Also, all of these multicoloured custom T-shirts needed to be delivered individually to Alumni in India and sometimes abroad.

Why iLogo:

  • Free Design Options
  • Premium quality apparel
  • Quality & Performance Guarantees
  • Individual Delivery
  • Individually ordered
  • No centralized cash collection required
  • Delivery at one location if required
  • Packed & labeled individually
  • Continuous tracking & update of orders

No Hassles.. No Headaches.. Create Memories for Life..

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