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  1. Design online in Design-studio. Use cliparts, original images and text.
  2. It is recommended to use maximum 7 colors.
  3. On completing designing, click on "Compete" on the right bottom of the page. Your design will appear on the designs to vote.
  4. Please upload your original artwork only. Do not plagiarize!


  1. If it's pointed out that any design uploaded has been taken from any other resource, we'll immediately remove it.
  2. Please do not upload photographs or photo-prints as design submissions. They will be taken off.
  3. Of course, no offensive content. :)
  4. Making fraud in Facebook Likes will also lead your design exemption from competition.


There will now be 2 categories:

  1. General Biking
  2. Racing Category (powered by Castrol Power 1) - where the use of red, green and white and a racing theme are mandatory.
  • Winner: Rs. 25000 & 2 IBW tickets
  • Runner Up: 2 IBW tickets